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Yankees Weekly Report Card: 6/23/13 - 6/29/13

How did the Yankees do this week?

We stink.
We stink.
Patrick Smith

The Yankees went 1–5 this week.


David Adams - F
.133/.278/.133, 7 K
Notes: Adams is still not hitting, but at least he's suddenly started to walk, so he has been on base. It doesn't look like he'll be getting much better, but maybe he can figure something out and actually be competent at the plate.

Zoilo Almonte - D-
.190/.217/.333, 3 K, RBI, 2 SB
Notes: After a good start to his career, Almonte is in the midst of pulling an Adams and completely shutting down. He's had his moments, like stealing a base on Matt Wieters, but for the most part he's been disappointing. If he can adjust and even be close to league-average he could be one of the best hitters in the lineup, even though he might already be by default.

Robinson Cano - A+
.368/.458/.368, 3 K, 3 RBI
Notes: Cano has quietly hit well this week. He's been underwhelming for awhile, but if he can continue this little hot streak maybe the Yankees could rack up a few runs for once.

Alberto Gonzalez - F
.000/.000/.000, 5 K
Notes: In 12 at-bats Alberto Gonzalez didn't get on base once. He's just a backup infielder, but putting him in the lineup is basically an automatic out at this point. He won't be here once Eduardo Nunez returns, so we'll just have to suffer through this excruciating offensive display a few times a week until then.

Brett Gardner - A+
.400/.400/.680, 8 K, HR, 2 RBI
Notes: Gardner continues his ridiculous offensive streak in a sea of incompetent hitters. His new approach has brought a lot of extra strikeouts, but he's still getting on base at a regular rate. It would be nice if he could steal a base every now and again.

Travis Hafner - C
.286/.286/.500, 2 K, HR, 2 RBI
Hafner has brought some value to the team this week. He did drive in a few runs, but that's not the kind of production you want to get from your designated hitter. The Yankees have no way of replacing him, but he needs to start hitting.

Jayson Nix - F
.130/.231/.304, 5 K, HR, RBI, SB
Notes: Nix had been doing so well in the last few weeks, but it all comes to an end here. Production like this cannot be in the top of the order like Girardi likes to put him.

Lyle Overbay - F
.150/.150/.300, 6 K, HR, RBI
Notes: Overbay was considered a bright spot on the roster, but now that Mark Teixeira is gone he's failed to even live up to his previous below-average production for a first baseman. If he can't contribute something, the Yankees are going to have to find someone, somewhere, who can.

Austin Romine - F
Notes: Romine got one hit this week, though he's been primarily used as a late inning replacement when they have to pinch hit for their other bad hitting catcher. It's unbelievable that the Yankees keep him on the roster when they can bring in someone like Kelly Shoppach who might actually bring a real catcher to the team.

Chris Stewart - A
.333/.385/.500, 2 K, 2 RBI
Notes: Stewart was competent at the plate this week after going hitless in the last. He needs to figure out a way to stay alive until Francisco Cervelli returns.

Ichiro Suzuki - A+
.333/.360/.625, 3 K, 2 HR, 3 RBI, 2 SB
Notes: Ichiro has returned to life, hitting home runs and stealing bases. He hit a walk-off home run against the Rangers and had the second most hits on the team. The Yankees really need him to stay hot.

Vernon Wells - D+
.214/.214/.214, 5 K, RBI
Notes: Wells actually hit three singles this week, but still had a three strikeout game. He's already lost his spot in the outfield, so maybe if he keeps struggling the Yankees will just cut him.


Joba Chamberlain - F
6.00 ERA, 1.67 WHIP, 2 K, HR, 3.0 IP
Notes: Joba has been terrible. Not only is he giving up a lot of home runs, they seem to all come with the game still in reach. He hasn't been very valuable since returning from the disabled list, but maybe he can become semi-useful at some point.

Preston Claiborne - A+
0.00 ERA, 1.29 WHIP, 2 K, 2.1 IP
Notes: Claiborne didn't see a lot of action this week, but he did pitch well, even if he did walk two batters in one inning. It looks like he's back to normal after a bad week and the Yankees could use all the help they can get.

Phil Hughes - A
2.25 ERA, 0.75 WHIP, 5 K, HR, 8.0 IP
Notes: Hughes pitched a good hard luck game, though it was not without the obligatory home run. Even though he pitched well, the Yankees' offense could not do anything against Derek Holland. Maybe if he pitches more like this the Yankees can win some games.

Shawn Kelley - C-
0.00 ERA, 3.00 WHIP, 1.1 IP
Notes: Kelley didn't do very well this week. He walked the only batter he saw in one game and gave up three hits in the other, but was not charged with two runs because of a Brett Gardner fielding error. We've seen that when Kelley doesn't strike anyone out he ends up getting hit and that is exactly what happened this week.

Hiroki Kuroda - B+
2.70 ERA, 0.90 WHIP, 6 K, 2 HR, 6.2 IP
Notes: Kuroda out dueled Yu Darvish by only giving up five hits, but he did get beat by Leonys Martin twice. He's been home run prone recently, but he still gave up less hits than he has recently and it would be nice to keep it that way.

Boone Logan - C
0.00 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, 3 K, 3.0 IP
Notes: Logan allowed an inherited runner to score, giving up a hit to James Loney, a left-handed hitter. After that he struck out the only other batters he saw this week. As the lone lefty in the bullpen, Boone needs to actually get the lefty out that he comes in to face.

Ivan Nova - B
3.65 ERA, 1.30 WHIP, 11 K, HR, 12.1 IP
Notes: Nova had a decent week as a spot starter and long reliever, but it still was not that great. While he did strike out the most batters for a Yankee starter, he also led the rotation in walks and was second in hits allowed only to David Phelps and his terrible game. The results might look nice, but he needs to keep people off the base path.

Andy Pettitte - D
4.50 ERA, 1.33 WHIP, 6 K, 6.0 IP
Notes: He would have had a good outing if it wasn't for that one inning where he gave up four runs. Pettitte used to be a stopper, but he managed to give the lead right back after the Yankees gave him a run. Every run this team scores is precious, so he can't be giving leads away as soon as they're gained.

David Phelps - F
34.71 ERA, 4.71 WHIP, K, 2 HR, 2.1 IP
Notes: Phelps had his second disastrous start of the season this week and the Yankees never had a chance. It seems that when he struggles all hope is lost, but he needs to learn how to limit the damage at the least.

David Robertson - Incomplete
0.00 ERA, 2.00 WHIP, 1.0 IP
Notes: D-Rob pitched one inning this week and it was nothing remarkable. The Yankees have no use for the backend of their bullpen when the team isn't winning.

Mariano Rivera - Incomplete
0.00 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, 1.0 IP
Notes: Mo was only needed for one inning this whole week, not collecting a save or a strikeout. He's not going to get into games if the Yankees aren't winning.

CC Sabathia - F
5.14 ERA, 0.71 WHIP, 6 K, HR, 7.0 IP
Notes: CC pitched a no hitter into the sixth inning, but promptly gave up the lead in one frustrating inning and then the go ahead run in the next inning. He was furious, but all the anger in the world still doesn't change the fact that he's not getting the job done.

Adam Warren - Did Not Participate
Notes: Warren didn't get into a game this entire week.

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