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Yankees Trade Deadline Coverage

Ranking the last 10 Yankees trade deadlines

From Frankie Montas to Alfonso Soriano, which of the Yankees’ recent deadlines was the best?

Recapping the trade deadline moves from the AL East

It was a busy couple days across pretty much the entirety of the AL East.

How the Yankees’ trades affect their farm system

The Yankees continued to deal from their minor league pitching depth, while adding an intriguing arm with big potential.

Yankees 2022 Trade Deadline: Community Poll

Brian Cashman may not have acquired Juan Soto or Shohei Ohtani, but he did bring in a trio of arms on Monday afternoon. And then he traded one away

Who the Yankees have in Harrison Bader

The Yankees acquired a defense-first center fielder in a bit of a head-scratcher; what can they get out of him?

Yankees 2022 Trade Deadline Recap: Needs met, but questions raised

Cashman added two outfielders, a pair of relievers, a top starter, and a prospect without giving up an elite Baby Bomber, but Jordan Montgomery is gone.

Harrison Bader: Savvy playoff addition or pointless roster subtraction?

Was the Yankees’ trade of Jordan Montgomery for Harrison Bader pure galaxy brain, or pure nonsense?

Yankees acquire Harrison Bader from Cardinals, plan currently unclear

A head-scratcher of a move to weaken the rotation may be the last of the trade season.

Checking in on the reactions to the Montas and Trivino trade

The Yankees gave up some solid prospects for perhaps the best remaining starter on the market and a reliever with upside.

Yankees trade Gallo to Dodgers for pitching prospect Beeter

The Joey Gallo Era has mercifully (for all sides) come to an end.

Lou Trivino drastically raises the ceiling of the Yankees bullpen

Don’t let the ERA fool you. This guy is nasty.

Scott Effross is a strong replacement for Michael King

Despite one of the best and most consistent relievers going down to injury, the Yankees played it perfectly

A look at the new Yankee, Frankie

A deeper dive into the talented starter who the Yankees picked up from Oakland yesterday.

Yankees kill two birds with one stone by trading for Montas, Trivino

New York fortifies its rotation and bullpen in the same deal, and without giving up any of the team’s top four prospects.

Yankees’ pitching staff now playoff-set with Montas, Trivino

Montas comes to the Bronx as the safety valve for a rotation that’s been under pressure.

Yankees acquire Frankie Montas, Lou Trivino from Athletics

On the eve of the trade deadline, Brian Cashman made his move.

Yankees absolute dream trade target: Shohei Ohtani

The Yankees made an offer on Ohtani at this trade deadline; even with the Angels turning it down, he should remain a future target.

Yankees July Approval Poll: Brian Cashman

With the trade deadline just a day away, how would you rate the Yankees' GM and the ballclub he has constructed as the team heads into the dog days of summer?

Scott Effross immediately diversifies the Yankees' bullpen

The new Yankee reliever is unlike anyone else on the pitching staff.

Yankees acquire reliever Effross from Cubs for Wesneski

With Michael King gone for the season, New York has bolstered its bullpen.

Yankees potential trade target: Noah Syndergaard

The Yankees may have interest, but is he what the rotation needs?

In acquiring Benintendi, Yankees dealt from position of strength

The Yankees moved three talented pitchers to acquire help for their major league lineup, but pitching remains a strength of the system.

Andrew Benintendi and opportunity cost

What’s the value of permanently holding a roster spot?

Yankees potential trade target: Germán Márquez

The Colorado Rockies’ righty is not as cheap as he used to be, but has excellent secondaries. Getting him out of Coors will only help his numbers.

Checking in on reactions to the Benintendi trade

The Yankees made a splash on Wednesday night, so let’s explore the immediate reactions to the deal.

Yankees potential trade target: Buck Farmer

Could Matt Blake work his magic with Buck Farmer’s slider and turn him into a bullpen weapon?

Yankees potential trade target: Ian Happ

The Cubs outfielder is one of the most attractive targets on the trade market, but is there still a place for him on this team?

Yankees potential trade target: Scott Barlow

The Royals reliever is good, cheap, and controllable for two seasons beyond 2022. What’s not to like?

This or That: The Soto/Castillo edition

It’s a win-win situation, but a tough decision nonetheless.

Yankees potential trade target: Tarik Skubal

Brian Cashman cannot pass up this once in a blue moon opportunity.

Yankees add former rival Benintendi: Community Poll

Let us know your thoughts about the Yankees’ newest outfielder.

Andrew Benintendi is a Yankee, and we never would have foreseen that not long ago

The Yankees make their first deadline move and bring the Royals outfielder back to the AL East