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Yankees Making the Team Meter: Week Four

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Who has a shot of making the Opening Day roster in the final week of spring training?

MLB: Spring Training-Atlanta Braves at New York Yankees Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees are now in the final few days of spring training, so here is our fourth and final edition of the Making the Team Meter. Not everything is official, but we do have a sense that all decisions have been essentially made at this point. The final few days should likely only be for last minute tune ups before the season gets under way. So who made the team? Let’s find out together.

Make sure you reference the legend below so you can track who is and isn’t making the team to start the season. Remember, just because they have no chance now, doesn’t mean it will stay like that forever.

Chance Adams, Miguel Andujar, and Estevan Florial were officially cut from major league camp this past week. Adams never performed like he was expected to, and Andujar never really had a chance once the Yankees brought in Brandon Drury. Both will continue to see playing time in Scranton, and could be in the majors this season. Florial, meanwhile, never really had a chance to make the team yet, but he did open some eyes in a big way.

The final spot in the bullpen is likely to go to Chasen Shreve, considering how well he did this spring. If the Yankees decide to carry an extra arm, Aaron Boone has already stated that Domingo German, Jonathan Holder, and Luis Cessa would be in contention. That means, despite German’s impressive spring, he’s probably going to be on the outside looking in for now.

Only a few position players remain in contention for a major league roster spot. When it comes to the backup infielders, both Ronald Torreyes and Tyler Wade are likely to make the team. Boone has already stated that Wade has earned a spot on the 25-man roster. While nothing has been stated about Torreyes yet, the team just released a new commercial that put him front and center. It would be hard to imagine them doing that, and then sending him to Triple-A. That’s not to say it’s impossible, just unlikely to happen.

This would mean that the final spot on the roster would either go to Tyler Austin, Billy McKinney, or an extra man in the bullpen. Given the fact that Jacoby Ellsbury should be back before too long, the Yankees might opt for another arm in the short term. The team plays a lot of games in a short amount of time to open the season, and they may want to keep the bullpen fresh. The Yankees might be content without an official backup first baseman with Neil Walker, Branden Drury, and Austin Romine available to step in.