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Yankees 2016 spring training broadcast schedule

How to watch the Yankees' spring training games.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

After a long break from baseball, the Yankees finally kick off their spring training games today! It may not be quite as exciting as Opening Day, and the games are meaningless, but it's still baseball. Since spring training games are not as accessible as regular season games, here is a list of the different ways you can tune in:

Wednesday, March 2nd vs. Tigers 1 PM - YES, MLBN, MLB.TV
Thursday, March 3rd vs. Phillies 1 PM 
Friday, March 4th at Tigers 1 PM 
Saturday, March 5th vs. Red Sox 1 PM - YES, MLBN, MLB.TV, WFAN
Sunday, March 6th at Phillies 1 PM - MLB.TV, WFAN
Monday, March 7th vs. Astros 1 PM 
Tuesday, March 8th at Marlins 1 PM
Wednesday, March 9th at Mets 1 PM - MLBN, MLB.TV
Thursday, March 10th at Orioles (SS) 1 PM - MLB.TV
vs. Blue Jays (SS) 1 PM - YES, MLB.TV
Friday, March 11th vs. Orioles 1 PM
Saturday, March 12th at Rays 1 PM - MLB.TV, WFAN
Sunday, March 13th vs. Phillies 1 PM - YES, MLB.TV, WFAN
Monday, March 14th - Off day
Tuesday, March 15th at Red Sox 6 PM - MLBN, MLB.TV
Wednesday, March 16th vs. Blue Jays - YES, MLB.TV, WFAN
Thursday, March 17th at Pirates 1 PM - MLB.TV
Friday, March 18th vs. Orioles 6:30 - YES, MLB.TV, WFAN
Saturday, March 19th vs. Braves 1 PM - WFAN
Sunday, March 20th at Twins 1 PM - MLB.TV
Monday, March 21st - Off day
Tuesday, March 22nd vs. Mets 6:30 PM
Wednesday, March 23rd at Nationals 5 PM - MLBN, MLB.TV
Thursday, March 24th vs. Rays 6:30 PM
Friday, March 25th at Orioles 1 PM - YES, MLB.TV
Saturday, March 26th at Blue Jays 1 PM - MLB.TV, WFAN
Sunday, March 27th vs. Twins 1 PM - YES, MLBN, MLB.TV, WFAN
Monday, March 28th vs. Tigers 6:30
Tuesday, March 29th at Phillies (SS) 1 PM - MLBN, MLB.TV
vs. Pirates (SS) 1 PM - YES, MLB.TV
Wednesday, March 30th at Braves 1 PM
Thursday, March 31st at Tigers (SS) 1 PM - MLB.TV
vs. Cardinals (SS) 1 PM - YES, MLBN, MLB.TV

*All game times in Eastern Standard Time

The first thing that stands out is that there are nine games that don't have any coverage at all. Comparatively, there were only six games with no coverage last year. I can understand not wanting to bring in a crew for every game, but couldn't they just set up a camera and a microphone to record sounds of the game? I volunteer to fly to Florida and broadcast the missing games.

Other than that, the schedule looks like it does every year. The Yankees spend roughly a third of their time playing AL East teams. Most games start at 1 PM, they get two off days, and they have three days worth of split squad games. The split squad games are my favorite part of spring training, since the Yankees have no choice but to send out all the prospects in order to field two teams.

Do you plan on watching any of the spring training games, or will you just check the box scores?