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Yankees spring training: Pitchers' Making the Team Meter - Week Three

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In week three of spring training, the Yankees went about clearing out the roster, making a total of seven cuts in a matter of a few days. Things seem to be coming together for the major league team, both in terms of performance on the field and potential roster construction. With more cuts come more certainty about who is going to make the team, so we're here to help you keep track of all that.

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This week, the Yankees reassigned several minor leaguers, some who could have actually made the team, and still could, this year. They may have sent fodder like Wilking Rodriguez and Jose De Paula, as well as High-A prospect Domingo German down, but they also cut roster hopefuls like Danny Burawa, Branden Pinder, Jose Ramirez, and Nick Rumbelow. While the competition doesn't completely shut down yet, it's definitely been narrowed quite a bit.


MTTM w3 2

Chris Capuano is still hurt, so he's out of he running for a spot on the team for Opening Day. Among those competing alongside Adam Warren and Esmil Rogers for the fifth starter spot are Bryan Mitchell and Chase Whitley. The battle likely comes down to those four, but Scott Baker and Kyle Davies will also get some time to show what they can do if they are ever needed. Jose Campos still hasn't pitched, but they'll probably try to get him into a game before they finally cut him.

The competition between relievers is even smaller now that Ramirez, Rumbelow, and Burawa have been eliminated from consideration. If there are no surprises, it looks like Chase Shreve will get the last spot in the bullpen, though Chris Martin, Whitley, and even Jacob Lindgren could be considered. Andrew Bailey is finally pitching again, but he, along with Jared Burton, will have to spend time in Triple-A before they get a shot with the Yankees

The spring training battles for the fifth rotation spot and last spot in the bullpen seem to be directly impacting one another. If Warren wins the competition and moves into the rotation, the Yankees will then need two relievers instead of one and could then consider Mitchell or Whitley for bullpen roles. Between Warren, Mitchell, Whitley, Rogers, and Capuano, the Yankees suddenly have several options for rotation depth. They aren't great options, but it's something at least.