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Spring training games 13 and 14: Yankees vs. Tigers; Yankees at Blue Jays

Yanks play two in split squad games today, Michael Pineda starting against the Tigers and Esmil Rogers starting against the Blue Jays.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Today the Yankees have two games to play. The good news is that means that all the prospects get to play, the bad news is that both games are occurring simultaneously so it'll be difficult to follow both. Michael Pineda will get the start for the Yankees at home, who take on the Tigers at 1:05. That game will be available on YES Network. The full infield will be staying home for this game, with Garrett Jones expected to DH.

Over in Dunedin, Esmil Rogers will take the mound against the Blue Jays at 1:07. The full outfield will be playing in this game, and Alex Rodriguez will bat fourth and play third base. MLB Network will have that one later on delay, but both games will be available on MLBtv.

Which of the games are you going to watch?