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Yankees 2015 spring training broadcast schedule

A look at the TV schedule for the Yankees' spring training games.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Spring training games start in less than a week! While YES Network will broadcast the majority of the games, the good news is that you don't have to be on the East Coast to catch spring training. Here's a list of the different ways that you can tune in to get your Yankee baseball fix:

Tue., Mar. 3 at Philadelphia 1 p.m. - MLBN (delay), MLB.TV

Wed., Mar. 4 vs. Philadelphia 1 p.m.  - YES Network, MLB.TV

Thurs., Mar. 5 at Pittsburgh 1 p.m.

Fri., Mar. 6 at Philadelphia (ss) 1 p.m. - MLBN, MLB.TV
vs. Pittsburgh (ss)  7 p.m.

Sat., Mar. 7 at Houston 1 p.m.

Sun., Mar. 8 vs. Washington 1 p.m.  - YES Network, MLBN (delay), MLB.TV

Mon., Mar. 9 vs. Tampa Bay 1 p.m.  - YES Network, MLBN (delay), MLB.TV

Tue., Mar. 10 at Baltimore 1 p.m. - MLBN (delay), MLB.TV

Wed., Mar. 11 vs. Boston 1 p.m. - YES Network, MLBN, MLB.TV

Thur., Mar. 12 vs. Atlanta 7 p.m. - YES Network, MLBN, MLB.TV

Fri., Mar. 13 at Boston 7 p.m. - MLBN, MLB.TV

Sat., Mar. 14 vs. Detroit (ss) 1 p.m.  - YES Network, MLB.TV
at Toronto (ss) 1 p.m. - MLBN (delay), MLB.TV

Sun., Mar. 15 vs. Philadelphia 1 p.m.

Tue., Mar. 17 vs. Toronto 7 p.m.  - YES Network, MLBN, MLB.TV

Wed., Mar. 18 at Atlanta 6 p.m. - MLBN (delay), MLB.TV

Thur., Mar. 19 vs. Philadelphia 7 p.m.  - YES Network, MLB.TV

Fri., Mar. 20 at Detroit 1 p.m.

Sat., Mar. 21 vs. Houston 1 p.m.

Sun., Mar. 22 at Mets 1 p.m.  - YES Network, MLB.TV

Mon., Mar. 23 at Washington 1 p.m. - MLBN, MLB.TV

Tue., Mar. 24 vs. Detroit 7 p.m. - YES Network, MLBN, MLB.TV

Wed., Mar. 25 vs. Mets 1 p.m. - YES Network, MLBN, MLB.TV

Thur., Mar. 26 at Tampa Bay 1 p.m. - MLBN (delay), MLB.TV

Fri., Mar. 27 at Philadelphia 1 p.m. - MLBN (delay), MLB.TV

Sat., Mar. 28 vs. Baltimore 1 p.m.  - YES Network, MLBN, MLB.TV

Sun., Mar. 29 at Houston 1 p.m.

Tue., Mar. 31 at Minnesota 1 p.m. - MLBN, MLB.TV

Wed., Apr. 1 vs. Tampa Bay 1 p.m.  - YES Network, MLBN (delay), MLB.TV

Thur., Apr. 2 vs. Pittsburgh (ss) 1 p.m. - YES Network, MLB.TV
at Detroit (ss) 1 p.m. - ESPN, MLB.TV

Fri., Apr. 3 vs. Washington 1 p.m.  - YES Network, MLBN (delay), MLB.TV

Sat., Apr. 4 at Washington 1 p.m. - MLBN (delay), MLB.TV

*Delay indicates that the game won't be aired live, but will be shown at a later time on that day
**All game times in Eastern Standard Time

If you didn't notice, one positive is that all of the games that are covered by YES and/or MLB Network will also be available on MLB.TV. That's especially helpful on the days when MLBN is doing a tape delay. I seem to recall that some of the games that were on MLB.TV's schedule last year only had audio, though, so watch out for that.

What really stands out to me in a negative way is the number of games that don't have any coverage at all. Since three of them are home games, it seems like the Yankees could at least set up one camera to record the game, even if they didn't provide audio. Oddly, all three games against Houston won't be televised. Also of note is the fact that the team gets a week to warm up before they get a glimpse at the AL East. Finally, there are also three days of split squad games, which I personally enjoy since it means that they pretty much have to play all the prospects.

Are you excited for spring training games to start and do you actually watch them? Or will you just read the recaps and wait for the regular season to start?