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Yankees are showcasing their depth for a trade


The Yankees spent $500 million on free agent additions this offseason and yet, with the loss of Robinson Cano and Alex Rodriguez, there are still plenty of holes that need to be filled. An easy way to fix these problems would be to orchestrate a trade using the depth that they have. Right now the Yankees have more than enough catchers and starting pitchers to dangle one of each to another team and it seems they might already be trying their best to show them off to potential suitors.

As far as catching depth is considered, neither John Ryan Murphy or Austin Romine seem destined for the major league team out of camp, but they're not being played like that's the case. Among all position players, Murphy has been in the second highest amount of games (7) with the second most at-bats (13). Romine is a little behind in both categories (5 and 11), but that's still more than a handful of projected MLB regulars have gotten. As for pitching, aside for a few relievers and some players that are assured a roster spot, David Phelps (4.2) and Adam Warren (4.1) have pitched the most innings.

Playing these guys as often as possible is a great way to drum up interest for them in front of scouts. It has already been reported that several teams are scouting Murphy and the Mariners are interested in Phelps. Trading with the White Sox, Diamondbacks or Mariners could get them some kind of infield help, whether it's more of a contract drop-off like Alexei Ramirez or Gordon Beckham or it's for a young controllable player like Didi Gregorius, Chris Owings, Dustin Ackley or Nick Franklin.

While dealing a catcher can happen at any point, I would hold off on trading Phelps until we see how Michael Pineda does in his return from injury. If he can't do the job, Phelps will essentially be the fifth starter, so it's important to handle that issue first.

It is my opinion that the Yankees would be better off trading one of Murphy/Romine and/or one of Phelps/Warren in order to fill the team's needs. It would mean the end of Eduardo Nunez and could then establish a backup plan for when Brian Roberts inevitably breaks. You could even acquire the next shortstop for when Derek Jeter retires. Imagine an infield of Nick Franklin and Chris Owings. If nothing else, it would be exciting, and it would only cost depth the Yankees won't be using.