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How have the newest Yankees performed in spring training?

The Yankees added several players to the team during the offseason. How have they performed during spring training?

Brian McCann

As of Sunday, Brian McCann is hitting .243/.317/.405 with a .722 OPS through 37 at bats so far during spring training. He's drawn four walks, and hit one home run. In terms of defense, he's allowed four stolen bases and caught three players stealing. McCann seems to be acclimating with no problem. The pitchers are all raving about him without being asked, another good sign, other than the fact that he's not Chris Stewart.

Carlos Beltran

Carlos Beltran's transition from the NL back to the AL has been going well. Through 42 at bats, he's hitting .262/.279/.452. Beltran has hit two home runs this spring, and the first one happened to be his very first hit as a Yankee. His home run total is second only to Francisco Cervelli, who is (somehow) leading the team with four.

Jacoby Ellsbury

Jacoby Ellsbury has not been having a great spring training. Granted he's missed a week with the calf injury, but he was batting .174/.321/.391 prior to the injury. That adds up to just four hits through 23 at bats, although they were big hits (two doubles and a home run). He is expected to return to action in Tuesday's game.

Kelly Johnson

New third baseman Kelly Johnson is hitting .243/.378/.405 with a .783 OPS through 37 at bats. He has been doing particularly well against lefties, hitting .364/.462/.818 with a home run. Defensively, he's made three errors at third base in 70 innings. He is learning the position, so hopefully it's a learning curve type of thing.

Brian Roberts

The incredibly injury-prone Brian Roberts has made it through more than half of spring training unscathed (*knock on wood*). Through 34 at bats, Roberts is batting .265/.333/.294. He's hit one double, zero home runs, and drawn four walks. He's made one error at second base so far, but he's also made quite a few good plays out there. There is definitely room for improvement, but at least he's still healthy.

Masahiro Tanaka

Shiny, new Yankee Masahiro Tanaka's transition to MLB has been going smoother than anyone could have realistically hoped for. He's pitched 15 innings so far, with a 3.00 ERA, .211 average against, and a 1.00 WHIP. Tanaka has also been good for 16 strikeouts (Joe Mauer among them). He's only walked three batters and allowed five earned runs.

Matt Thornton

Lefty reliever Matt Thornton hasn't had very many opportunities to pitch in games during spring training, and as a result, his stats are pretty inflated. In three innings of work total, he's allowed three earned runs off of seven hits. Thornton's ERA is 9.00, with a 4.38 average against, and a 2.33 WHIP. He hasn't allowed a walk, and he was able to strikeout one batter.

Which of the new Yankees have you been most impressed with, or most disappointed with, so far?