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Joe Girardi names Brian Roberts Yankees starting second baseman

Shocked? Not shocked.

Al Messerschmidt

Joe Girardi met with the press on Monday at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa and acknowledged that Brian Roberts will be the Yankees' starting second baseman. This isn't exactly breaking news after the Yankees gave him $2 million after Robinson Cano left for Seattle, but assigning an every day player tag to a guy that hasn't played more than 77 games since 2009 doesn't inspire a lot of confidence.

The fact that Roberts is an older player who has a history of long term injuries was not lost on Girardi, but the Yankee manager says he still feels comfortable putting the 36-year-old out there every day. Roberts took the bold route of declaring that he wouldn't try to be Cano and that he hoped that would be enough. Considering the lack of infield depth the Yankees have, it might have to be enough. With Roberts' injury history, it seems like the team would feel pretty good if he made it to the All-Star break without a lengthy DL stint.

Having Roberts slot in as the every day second baseman leaves Kelly Johnson as the likely favorite for the starting third base job. Eduardo Nunez, Yangervis Solarte, Dean Anna, and Russ Canzler, among other options, will also be vying for infield jobs as bench players. Brian Cashman called the third base gig "Kelly Johnson and a cast of characters", but Roberts' history of lingering health problems could easily turn second base into the same situation if the Yankees are intending to play him every day.