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Yankees 2, Rays 4: That ended poorly

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Things were good for eight innings, and then it all went bad in the ninth.

MLB: Spring Training-Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees apparently lost tonight, but who knows, because it was a game we were not allowed to see. It is 2018, and yet somehow there are still spring training games that are not available on television. You would figure that the Yankees could broadcast a game that took place inside their own home stadium, right? Apparently YES thinks it can get better ratings from Yankeeography reruns than a spring training game in mid-March.

What’s more is that there wasn’t even a radio broadcast either. If you wanted to actually keep track of this game, you had to listen to the Rays radio broadcast, thanks. If the organization doesn’t care at this point, why should we?

Congratulations to the handful of baseball players who actually managed to do something tonight. The standout performer of the night was Aaron Judge, or so the internet says. He had a double, walk, and stolen base. Ronald Torreyes, fresh off his commercial debut, collected two hits and an RBI. Austin Romine managed to drive in the other run. Tyler Austin had a hit, Aaron Hicks walked twice, and Brett Gardner, Didi Gregorius, and Billy McKinney each walked.

On the pitching side of things, everything went very well until the ninth inning. Whoever David Hale is pitched three innings to start the game and managed to strike out five batters. Tommy Kahnle and Chad Green teamed up for three shutout innings. Dellin Betances struck out four in two innings.

Unfortunately, Adam Warren came into the ninth and everything went wrong. He allowed two home runs and gave up for home runs to put the Rays on top. Prior to this inning Tampa Bay had exactly two baserunners. Just goes to show you had quickly things can change on you. Thankfully this one doesn’t count.


The next two games won’t be televised either, so that’s fun.