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Yankees 1, Angels 4: Quiet offense can't overcome Mike Trout's defense

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So, that sucked.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Losing baseball games are fairly annoying at any time of the day, but losing at 1 am just seems to sting a little more. You might even say it hurts worse when that 1 am loss comes on a night when only the Boston Red Sox were able to put one in the win column out of all the AL East teams. Whatever. It clearly wasn't meant to be tonight.

CC Sabathia actually wasn't bad! Yes, he gave up two home runs which bring him to 19 on the season...which is kind of bad. Sabathia gave up six hits and four runs in 7.1 innings of work, which isn't that bad. He only walked one batter and there's very little shame in allowing a home run to the reigning American League MVP. The offense certainly didn't help him out with their failing to score more than one run against C.J. Wilson.

Offensively, Brett Gardner stayed red-hot with three more hits including two doubles. The Yankee left fielder is currently sporting an .879 OPS on the year which will only do even more good once his partner in crime, Jacoby Ellsbury, can return to the top of the lineup. Alex Rodriguez drove in the only run of the game with an RBI single in the third inning that brought Didi Gregorius around to score. Speaking of hot hitting, Gregorius picked up two hits and reached base via a walk to continue what has been a pretty nice month for the new Yankee shortstop. Carlos Beltran chipped in two hits of his own, but also struck out with the bases loaded. Give and take, or something.

What the box score won't tell you is that Mike Trout absolutely victimized the Yankee hitters with his glove in the outfield. He chased down two balls off the bat of Chris Young that eventually lead to an exasperated Young standing between first and second base with glazed over eyes before doing the whatever move with his hand in Trout's general direction. What more can one do? Young hit it hard both times and Trout was able to track it down. The other silent killer of tonight was home plate umpire Manny Gonzalez, who took some liberties with what should and shouldn't be called a strike on more than one occasion. Visual evidence of said liberties:

Despite all that, Gonzalez was terrible on both sides of the ball tonight. So bad that he should probably be sent to High-A to think about what balls and strikes actually are, but at least he was a somewhat fair kind of bad.

The Yankees will send Ivan Nova to the mound tomorrow against Andrew Heaney in an attempt to even up the series. As per usual with these West Coast games, the contest will begin at 10 pm ET.