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Yankees 5, Mariners 3: Garrett Jones' 11th inning home run secures series win

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Mr. Jones wishes he was someone just a little more funky.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It took about four hours and 11 innings for the Yankees to beat the Mariners on Tuesday night, but a Garrett Jones home run off Joe Biemel helped the team snatch a victory from what looked like near-certain defeat. CC Sabathia had a decent enough start, although he managed to last only 5.2 innings and allowed nine hits sprinkled in. The big left-hander managed to hold the damage to one run, which the Yankees matched on a Mark Teixeira RBI double. Sabathia was charged with another run because Joe Girardi cannot help himself from putting in David Carpenter with runners on. The result is the same every time, and you know what they say about doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

Stephen Drew ran into an unlikely bout of heroism with his game-tying double to score Chase Headley and ultimately send the game to extra innings. The Yankees had other chances, like a brilliant one that would have gotten them runners on the corners with no one out before Didi Gregorius tripped over nothing between second and third base. He tried to retreat to second futilely before he was tagged out. New York also loaded the bases with one out ahead of Carlos Beltran in extras, but he promptly bounced into a double play. Garrett Jones decided that he'd seen enough of all that and smacked a three-run homer to right center to put the Yankees ahead for good.

Despite making three (!!) errors in the field (Beltran, Headley, Lindgren), the Yankees got a brilliant defensive play from Justin Wilson with a runner on in the tenth inning. Wilson fell off the mound and laid out to catch a bunt attempt, then threw to first to double off the stranded runner. It looked like Wilson got the breath knocked out of him and may have jammed his finger on the dive, but his effort was fantastic. It looked even better when compared to the fact that Tom Wilhelmsen pulled a CC Sabathia and stood around spectating instead of covering first base virtually right before Wilson's play.

Hard to say enough about how great the bullpen (minus Carpenter) was to hold the Mariners long enough for the offense to put something together. Chasen Shreve, who has been so good and should definitely not be behind Carpenter on the depth chart, was very good once again. Jacob Lindgren, Dellin Betances, and Wilson all worked to keep the game going. Andrew Miller allowed a run in the bottom of the 11th, but he converted his 16th save of the year to remain perfect in that column. Having a bullpen that can do that kind of work is such a weapon, and the Yankees are lucky that so many of their relievers are up to the task. Except Carpenter, who has already overstayed his welcome by plenty.

The Yankees will try to bring their brooms and sweep the Mariners in an afternoon game to close out the series on Wednesday. Masahiro Tanaka makes his return from the disabled list to take on Taijaun Walker in the 3:40 start.