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Yankees 3, Orioles 11: Mason Williams homered and everything else was terrible

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to you if you didn't sit around watching the dumpster fire that transpired at Camden Yards Friday night. The game started off kind of good, almost immediately turned bad, and then someone threw 60 gallons of gasoline on that bad and let it burn for a couple hours. Here's what you missed if you were lucky enough to miss it.

The Good:

Mason Williams hit a two-run home run in his second at-bat in his first big league start! The kids have come up and impressed so far this season and Williams wasn't about to get left out. Way to get two big milestones out of the way at once.

Alex Rodriguez pulled to within six hits of 3,000 and one RBI of 2,000 for his career with an RBI and two singles in the game. Rodriguez actually tied the game at 1-1 by driving in Brett Gardner, but that was a few hours and many runs ago.

Brett Gardner now has a six-game hitting streak, and he stole a base. Yay.

The Bad:

Michael Pineda was nothing like the dominant pitcher he was the last time he faced the Orioles. The big right-hander lasted only 4.1 innings, gave up nine hits, allowed six runs (five earned), and walked two batters. He only struck out two. The Yankees skipped Pineda last time through the rotation, so it's possible that this was just a bit of rust. Or maybe this was just one of those outings. Either way, this sucked.

Chase Headley took a ball off his Little Headley and eventually had to be replaced in the field by Brendan Ryan. Headley's defense hasn't been anything to write home about so far this year, but his bat is unquestionably better than Ryan's. Losing him for any length of time would not be good for the offense, to state the obvious.

After wasting a great opportunity in the first inning, the Yankees had the bases loaded again in the sixth. Unfortunately, this time there were two outs and Ryan was batting second in place of the injured Headley. It didn't go well, as you'd expect.

Jacob Lindgren gave up another home run in a big spot, raising his ERA to 5.14. As much as we wanted to see The Strikeout Factory in action, it may be time to admit that he isn't ready and send him back down for some more seasoning. There are plenty of Triple-A relievers who are also worthy of a chance.

The Ugly:

The defense in this game was absolutely atrocious. Headley committed another error, giving him the most in any year of his career so far and it isn't even officially summer yet. Mark Teixeira also committed an error, snapping a streak of more than 100 errorless games. Carlos Beltran continues to impress with his jogging skills in the field, allowing a ball to drop between him and Gardner with only a tiny, lackadaisical wave of his glove. Good effort out there.

The Yankees had a grand opportunity to get to Ubaldo Jimenez early with the bases loaded and no outs in the first inning. Gardner, Headley, and A-Rod all reached base before Teixeira popped up, Brian McCann struck out, and Beltran popped up. Jimenez was out of the jam and the offense wasted a great opportunity to put the Orioles down for the count early.

Esmil Rogers. Why is he still here? He gave up four runs but only one of them was earned, which managed to lower his ERA to 6.27. He's a mop up pitcher at this point and these games are the only place where he should be used, but he's just taking up a good uniform at this point. At what point does the team decide they've seen enough?

The Yankees will try to wash the taste of this game out of their mouths before tomorrow night's game when CC Sabathia takes on Bud Norris at 7:15 pm.