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Yankees 3, Phillies 7: Chase Headley is really good

Disclaimer: I didn't watch this game. You've been warned.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees and Phillies rudely decided to schedule their baseball game in the middle of one of the most exciting days of basketball that I can remember. Esmil Rogers, fighting for a spot in the rotation in the absence of Chris Capuano, gave up three runs in 3.1 innings to start the game. Many people took to Twitter to compare him to Sergio Mitre. You never want to get compared to Sergio Mitre.

After the Yankees' offense managed to claw back from their Rogers-induced deficit, Chasen Shreve and Nick Goody gave up three earned Philadelphia runs with an additional unearned run, thanks to a Jose Pirela error, being awarded to Shreve. David Carpenter and Tyler Webb each worked a scoreless 1.2 innings.

Let's check in on the game thread, shall we?

I see.

Didi Gregorius picked up another hit against a lefty, furthering his case against being platooned with the likes of Brendan Ryan. Stephen Drew and Carlos Beltran each had a hit to drive in a run. That's good news, considering both of them are going to be in the lineup on Opening Day. How long they last there is a different matter entirely.

I asked the game thread of people who actually saw the game to give us a recap in five words or less. Here's what they said:

Well, alright then. There you have it.

Here is a link to the box score if you'd like a more accurate depiction of what went on in this most meaningful of games: box score.

Adam Warren will start tomorrow's 1:05 pm game against the Tigers in Lakeland. Hopefully he will inspire a bit more confidence as a potential fifth starter than Rogers did tonight.