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Yankees Rumors: New York interested in Ben Zobrist and Dustin Ackley, not interested in Cole Hamels

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As you might expect, with neither Stephen Drew or Jose Pirela offering much in the way of offense and Rob Refsnyder's defense remaining a legitimate concern, the Yankees are set to be players for a second baseman via a trade. According to Jon Heyman, two players Brian Cashman has looked into are Ben Zobrist and Dustin Ackley, two names that shouldn't surprise Yankees fans.

A free agent after the 2015 season, Zobrist has been one of the best and most underrated players in the game throughout his time with the Rays. This year, Zobrist has struggled with the Athletics and missed time with a knee injury, but now that he's back, most of baseball is likely hoping for a rebound. The A's know that there will be a huge market for the 34-year-old, so no one should expect something to come together any time soon, unless the Yankees plan to give up a lot for him (they shouldn't). Our own Josh Heller just recently asked if the Yankees should target Zobrist this year.

While Dustin Ackley has been pretty disappointing in his major league career, the Yankees have long been interested in acquiring him from the Mariners. Last year it came out that the Mariners wanted Bryan Mitchell in return for Ackely, but the Yankees said no thank you. While Ackley has spent time in the outfield, New York would obviously move him back into the infield in hopes that his left-handed bat will finally come around, though his .194/.233/.331 batting line won't bring much offense over Stephen Drew. Cashman seems to like him for some reason, but not enough to give up anything Seattle wants. Don't expect any deal to happen any time soon here, unless the Mariners are now willing to take something less than Mitchell.

To round out the Yankees rumors, the team doesn't expect to be a big player for Cole Hamels at the deadline as they seem to be gun shy when it comes to long-term deals with players over 30. There's no doubt the 31-year-old left-hander would greatly improve their rotation, but Hamels is still owed $70 million over the next three years, plus a vesting option for a fourth year, at which point the Yankees would be on the hook for a total of $90 million through his age-36 season. The contract they signed CC Sabathia to has clearly scared the organization away from taking a chance on anyone else. Given the massive return the Phillies will likely require, it's no wonder the Yankees aren't expecting him to come in and save the rotation. They'll likely look into someone with less years left on their contract first.