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Yankees are likely out on James Shields and Johan Santana

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

At the moment, the Yankees rotation is Masahiro Tanaka, Michael Pineda, CC Sabathia, Nathan Eovaldi, and Chris Capuano. Now, unless they're ok with Capuano pitching every fifth day, they could probably use another starting pitcher, but, Max Scherzer is now signed with the Nationals. Even though the best pitcher on the market is gone, it doesn't mean that there aren't options out there who don't make sense. It just might not end up being James Shields or Johan Santana.

While it's been long believed that the Yankees don't think very much of James Shields, it's looking more and more like they have officially ruled him out as an option. The 33-year-old would cost draft pick compensation, and if they weren't willing to sacrifice their first-rounder for Scherzer, they certainly won't be looking to give it up for Shields. It's incredibly hard to figure out how much he will eventually make because it's kind of surprising he's been available for so long. Unless someone like the Tigers or Angels, who missed out on some of the bigger talent get involved, he could end up in a situation where going back to the Royals makes sense. Whoever ends up signing him, it won't be the Yankees.

If the Yankees end up going with a scrap heap-type pickup, it probably won't be Johan Santana anymore. After previously showing interest for the former Cy Young, there's no way Cashman continues to pursue him now that he's hit a setback. Should we have all seen this coming? Probably. Despite the goodwill that has been going toward Santana's comeback attempt, it seems that, after two shoulder surgeries, he's done. It's fitting that on the same day that the injury was announced, Dontrelle Willis signed another minor league deal. At some point you have to give up, and it looks like Johan Santana might be approaching that point.

If the Yankees want to shop off the scrap heap, Brandon Beachy is still available. There is also Scott Baker, Chad Billingsley, Bruce Chen, Kevin Correia, Kyle Kendrick, Carlos Villanueva, and others. Not many of these guys project to be very good, but some of them could at least offer more than what Chris Capuano can. People are expecting Ivan Nova to be ready by mid-year, but the Yankees need to have someone else in the mix for when he's not actually ready yet. James Shields and Johan Santana won't be those guys.