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Yankees Rumors: New York is interested in Johan Santana again

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Former two-time Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana is trying to make another comeback to Major League Baseball and the Yankees are reported to be interested. He pitched two scoreless innings in the Venezuelan Winter League on Tuesday night with the Yankees, among other teams, in attendance. After undergoing a pair of shoulder surgeries, this time Santana looks to recover from an Achilles tendon tear he suffered last year.

Just over a year ago the Yankees were said to be interested in the rehabbing left-hander, but injuries to his shoulder seemed to leave him with very little left in the tank. Reports indicated that he couldn't break 90 mph with his fastball, leading the Yankees to lose interest and look elsewhere before he eventually signed a minor league deal with the Baltimore Orioles. This is his first time returning to a mound after spending time in extended spring training this past season and going down in June.

Now 36 years old, it would seem that the days of overpowering hitters are well behind him, but when you consider the potential that might still be hiding in his arm, he might at least be worth a look. Obviously, nothing is close or serious yet, but a source believes that the Yankees will keep an eye on him and remain intrigued until he shows that he's completely done. The Yankees often make low-risk/high-reward signings and have a track record for liking guys that used to be good and could possibly be good again. Maybe. It's insanely unlikely that Santana makes it back to the majors, and even less likely that he'd even be any good, but the organization needs some filler. A minor league deal and an invitation to spring training seems harmless, especially when you consider how weak their Triple-A rotation currently projects to be. Don't worry, he wouldn't be blocking anyone.