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Yankees plan to offer Brian Cashman a new contract

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

There has been much talk about Brian Cashman's future with his contract expiring at the end of the year and the team's position in the playoff picture over the last two seasons. When asked about the subject a few weeks ago, Hal Steinbrenner had nothing to really say on the matter, leaving many to wonder if a lack of words actually spoke volumes about the longtime general manager. Now comes word that the team is happy with Cashman and would like to offer him a contract beyond this season.

We don't know any details about the potential deal just yet, but Jon Heyman is reporting that the higher-ups are not blaming him for the Yankees' disappointing season. According to a source, Steinbrenner and company were happy with Cashman's pickups of Brandon McCarthy, Martin Prado, and Chase Headley and were on board with the signings of Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann, despite their disappointing seasons.

It's nice to know that despite a very frustrating year, the Yankees are still thinking with their heads and not resorting to reactionary firings–at least not yet. Regardless of how you feel about Brian Cashman, it would be a mistake to simply look for someone else without a clear improvement available. There are no top GM on the market this offseason and there's no real internal options, unless the Yankees are that impressed with Billy Eppler.

We'll surely hear more about an actual deal in the coming weeks as the season winds down. Like the signing of any player, let's avoid judgement before all the facts and numbers come out about the deal. Will it be another short-term deal to give him a chance to turn things around or are they going to give him an open-ended run to take some of the pressure off? Will Cashman even take the job (he probably will). What do you think, is this a good idea or is it a mistake?