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Yankees seem undecided about Brian Cashman's future with the team

We've heard from Hal, but what about Hank?


In a season that is starting to slip out from under them, Hal Steinbrenner came out with a few choice words about the struggling Yankees offense. Perhaps most interesting, however, is what he had to say about the team's general manager Brian Cashman, or rather what little he had to say:

In the past, Steinbrenner has stood behind his GM, no matter the unfortunate position the team happened to be in. While this might not mean much, it can't mean nothing. Him not coming out and saying something like "we want him back," or "we think he does a great job" shows that they have at least been discussing the possibility of not bringing Cashman back after the season.

Steinbrenner knows that the Yankees offense should be better than what it has been, but after two disappointing seasons in a row and what could be the first time they haven't made the playoffs in consecutive years over a 20-year period, he might be ready for a change. Derek Jeter is retiring, Robinson Cano is already gone, so maybe it's time to clean house and get a new person in here to get the team back to where they want it to be.

Of course, you could then ask who could actually do a better job than Brian Cashman. Unless they plan on creating a new, higher position, other teams are unlikely to allow their GMs to interview with the Yankees for another GM job. Cashman is the one who was able to (slowly, but surely) reignite the organization's interest in the farm system. He's made great trades, shrewd moves, and though he might not be perfect, he has a methodology that works.

There is definitely something to be said for the idea of starting fresh, but change for the sake of change is not a good business plan. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and the Yankees will either bring Cashman back or they at least have a plan in place that makes sense if they decide not to.

If you were in charge of the Yankees, would you bring Cashman back? Who would you want them to hire instead?