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Yankees trade rumors: New York in talks with Rays about David Price

Can this happen?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

No blockbuster trades were expected to take place for the Yankees coming into today, but things can chance very quickly when it comes to the trade deadline. With less than an hour to go, the Rays have gotten an influx of calls for lefty David Price now that Jon Lester is off the market and the Yankees happen to be one of those teams.

While it's unlikely that the Yankees and Rays as division rivals agree to a deal, it's still not completely out of the realm of possibility. Price would remain under control through 2015 and would require quite a return in prospects to make happen, especially from the Yankees. That would essentially be a good portion of their best prospects, including Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino, and Aaron Judge. Is it worth it?

Maybe the two teams can find some kind of common ground that helps both now and in the future. If the Yankees can retain Price beyond 2015 it could be well worth it.

No, not again...