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Yankees trade rumors: New York still working toward acquiring Josh Willingham or Chris Denorfia

Who will they get?

Harry How

With only a few hours to go, the Yankees are working to upgrade over Ichiro Suzuki in right field. While the Red Sox have been busy trading for Yoenis Cespedes, the Yankees are checking in on players that will cost a whole lot less than someone like Jon Lester. They are currently talking to the Twins about Josh Willingham and the Padres about Chris Denorfia, but they don't seem to be close on either fronts.

Willingham offers some power from the right side of the plate, something they have been missing all year long. He is a free agent after this season and is only owed a portion of his $7 million 2014 salary, so he shouldn't cost too much. Chris Denorfia is also a free agent after this year, but is having a disappointing season so far. Neither are exactly exciting, but they would fall in line with the types of trades Brian Cashman has made with Chase Headley and Brandon McCarthy.

The Yankees are also still in talks about Marlon Byrd, despite erroneous reports saying that they have already acquired him. It seems like Willingham might make the most sense in regards to what they would be getting and what they would have to give up, however they'll still need another outfielder for 2015.

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