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Yankees trade rumors: New York asked about Justin Ruggiano

Keep looking

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Cashman has looked to the Cubs for more ways to improve the Yankees before the trading deadline. He already asked about pitcher Jake Arrieta and also inquired on the availability of outfielder Justin Ruggiano as well. While they at least said Arrieta would cost a lot, they simply declared that Ruggiano was off limits in any potential trade, which is unfortunate, because he could have been very useful.

The 32-year-old right-handed batter has hit .293/.358/.449 in his first year with the Cubs. He has crushed lefties to the tune of a 126 wRC+ and isn't completely useless against righties either with a 97 wRC+. Ruggiano can also play all three outfield positions at a decent level, making him the perfect candidate to platoon against southpaws. On top of all that, he's in his first year of arbitration and will be under team control through the 2017 season. He would have been a long-term solution for a right-handed bat off the bench.

The Yankees are said to be looking at every possible option they can come up with in order to improve the team on both offense and pitching. If they do end up making a move for a bat, expect it to be for a right-handed hitting outfielder, something they have coveted in July over the last few years.