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Yankees trade rumors: New York interested in Josh Willingham

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Aside from pitching help, the Yankees could use another bat, and aside from spending millions of dollars in the offseason on the outfield, they could use another outfielder. With Carlos Beltran unable to play the outfield and Ichiro Suzuki disappointing in full-time play, the Yankees have shown interest in Josh Willingham.

It is believed that they prefer the 35-year-old to other options like Alex Rios and Marlon Byrd, though New York has not ruled out either, because of his contract situation. The Twins owe him $7 million this year and he would be a free agent at the end of the season. Meanwhile, Byrd is signed to a two-year deal and Rios makes $12 million along with a $14 million team option or a $2 million buyout for next year.

Willingham has hit .215/.357/.420 with 10 home runs while playing his home games in the spacious Target Field. Though the average doesn't look pretty, the power numbers, especially from the right side, would be welcome in place of Ichiro, who just hit his first homer this week.