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Yankees expected to spend nearly $10 million on international amateur players


The Yankees have long been rumored to be spending over this international spending period that begins on July 2 in an effort to improve their farm system. They have been connected to several players for some time now, but Any Martino of the New York Daily News has found out which players the Yankees have a verbal agreement with and for how much money.

A major league source told the Daily News that the Yankees have in fact already reached verbal agreements with three highly-regarded infielders from the Dominican Republic: Dermis Garcia for approximately $3.6 million; Nelson Gomez for approximately $2.8 million; and Christopher Torres for approximately $2.6 million. Other estimates for Torres' market have been closer to $1 million.

While things could change and other players could be signed, this source is claiming that the Yankees are going to be paying $9 million in amateur free agent salaries. Such a spending spree will obviously incur the maximum amount of penalties because it eclipses their allotted bonus pool of $2 million and goes well over the 15% overture allowed. As punishment, the Yankees will have to pay a 100% tax on every dollar they spend, effectively doubling the amount of money they are spending. They would also only be allowed to spend up to $300,000 on any player for the next two signing periods, meaning 2015 and 2016.

Such penalties sound awfully damning for the Yankees, but they must like the 2014 crop enough to deal with the repercussions. They have also been connected to outfielder Antonio Ariascatcher Miguel FlamesJuan DeLeonJonathan Amundaray and Diego Castillo.

My one problem with this is that it seems that the Yankees are giving Torres more money than many scouts think he should or will get. I'd hate to hear that the Yankees are simply throwing money around on players that don't necessarily deserve that kind of money just to make a big splash. Then again, it's only money and I'm happy to see the Yankees try something new in order to get some good young talent into the system.