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Yankees reportedly "engaged in talks" with Cuban shortstop Aledmys Diaz

Hold on to your butts.

"The line is bugged, Aledmys. I'll send a carrier pigeon."
"The line is bugged, Aledmys. I'll send a carrier pigeon."
Gregory Shamus

In an article about the St. Louis Cardinals' interest in Cuban shortstop Aledmys Diaz, Post-Dispatch columnist Joe Strauss noted that the Yankees are involved in the Diaz sweepstakes:

The Cardinals prefer to say little about their chances of signing Diaz. This is the first time they’ve attempted to sculpt a deal of this magnitude with a player so seldom seen in competition. The San Francisco Giants, Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies and Seattle Mariners — teams far more comfortable in this arena — also are engaged in talks.

It's just a passing line, but it offers at least some hope that the Yankees are giving legitimate consideration to signing the 23-year-old infielder. Jason wrote about Diaz in December, and even though it's unclear whether or not he will stay at shortstop, a move to second would also help the Yankees' future since there is no obvious prospect candidate in the minor league system to reach the pros in a timely manner. The Yankees have been relatively quiet on the Diaz front aside from attending his showcases so this could very well end up as another Ninja Cashman-type move if they do end up with him.

Since he falsified his age to make himself one year older than he actually was in 2013, MLB prohibited him from signing with a MLB team until February 19th. That date has now been passed, and he will reportedly be signing with a team sometime within the next few days. All of the aforementioned seven teams came to a December showcase in Mexico for Diaz, and scouts for the Yankees, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Mariners, Giants, and San Diego Padres were in attendance for a recent February showcase in Arizona on February 13th.

Media members have said that the Yankees are done adding MLB players to the 2014 roster, but those rumors might not include Diaz since he will likely need time in the minors before reaching the pros. They have said that they want to spend internationally in 2014 as well, and while that might mostly be referring to the international player signing period in July, it could very well refer to Diaz as well. It seems like the Cardinals will be the Yankees' chief rivals for Diaz since Strauss reported that they plan to give him an offer.

It is currently unknown if the other rumored teams plan on giving him an offer as well, but the Yankees should be in on this intriguing infielder. With a lack of middle infielders close to the majors, they could really use a prospect like Diaz in their system. If a well-run organization like the Cardinals is interested, then the Yankees better be in the mix as well. There is a dearth of that type of talent, and while Diaz would surely cost about the four-year, $28 million deal the Dodgers gave Diaz's countryman, Alexander Guerrero, it is the price to pay to provide the system with an infusion of talent. Hopefully, the Yankees will at least make Diaz a legitimate offer. With the only middle infielders with MLB experience under contract past 2014 being Brendan Ryan and Eduardo Nunez, they badly need a player like Diaz.