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Yankees rumors: Brian Cashman wants Chase Headley back, finds Max Scherzer too expensive

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Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Yankees GM Brian Cashman has been known to pull off ninja moves in the past, like when he declared Nick Swisher his first baseman before going out and landing Mark Teixeira. Is he doing the same by saying that Max Scherzer is just too expensive for the Yankees to be seriously interested in? It's possible, but it wouldn't be surprising to see the Yankees sit quietly when it comes to bidding for the Cy Young winner. The team spent a large fortune last offseason between Masahiro Tanaka, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, and Carlos Beltran with two of those players looking fairly disappointing in their debut season in pinstripes. Cashman and company could very well, perhaps foolishly, be banking on a turnaround from the guys they heavily invested in last time around.

Scherzer is said to be looking for a deal that exceeds the $200 million mark, a level surpassed only by Clayton Kershaw. Is Scherzer worth that much money to anyone? Better yet, will anyone actually give him that sort of contract? He's no Kershaw, after all. As of right now, it sounds like if any team coughs up the cash he's asking for it won't be the Yankees. Unless, of course, Cashman is bluffing again. Who can ever really be sure.

A player the team does feel falls within their budget is third baseman Chase Headley. The team considers Alex Rodriguez more of a DH and less of a third baseman at this stage, and they'd love to find a way to reunite with Headley after swinging a trade for him ahead of last season's trade deadline. Headley provides excellent defense at the hot corner on top of more offense than many of the alternatives the Yankees could choose to go with instead. The Giants haven't been shy about their pursuit of Headley, and missing out on Jon Lester gives them money to work with. They probably present the biggest threat to Headley returning to the Bronx at this stage. It's hard to deny the Giants are just more attractive as a team right now, considering they are coming off another World Series championship. Headley is already very familiar with the NL West after spending most of his career with the San Diego Padres.

Do you think Cashman is serious when he says the Yankees aren't looking to spend the money necessary to land Scherzer despite desperately needing to fortify their rotation? What moves would you like to see him make instead if he's in fact not bluffing?