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What would it take for the Yankees to trade for Troy Tulowitzki?

Will Tulo replace the Captain?

Rob Carr
What would it take to land Troy Tulowitzki?

By now most of you have heard that, according to Ken Rosenthal, the Colorado Rockies are willing to listen to trade offers for Carlos Gonzalez and, more importantly, the face of the organization, Troy Tulowitzki. The Yankees obviously have a hole at shortstop, and Tulowitzki has shown strong interest in playing in New York; so much that he took the time to see a Yankee game during the regular season, a move that many people criticized. If the Yankees were to place a call and ask what it would take to land the best shortstop in the game (when healthy), who do you think the Rockies would ask for?

Let's first mention two very important factors: Tulowitzki's contract and health. Tulowitski is signed through the 2020 season with $118 million due over the next six seasons. When compared to what other players are making now, that actually isn't a bad deal, and when healthy, Tulowitzki lives up to that contract. "When healthy," that is. The most games Tulowitzki has played in a season is 155, and that was when he was 22 years old. This past year saw him play only 91 games, and while he played in 126 games in 2013, he only managed to reach 47 in 2012. It has never been a question of talent with Tulowitzki, but more of health.

You have to imagine that the Rockies will be looking for some young pitchers that will be able to handle Coors Field. The conversation probably starts with Luis Severino and Ian Clarkin. One is close to making a big impact, the other is still a few years off, but has potential. It would be interesting to see if the Rockies would ask for Dellin Betances, and if the Yankees would give away their most exciting right-handed bullpen arm since Mariano Rivera.

The Rockies would continue to make a dent in the Yankees farm system and perhaps pluck away a few more fan favorites. Aaron Judge would definitely be in the discussion; a right-handed bat with power potential could do damage in Coors Field, and the Rockies would have him for years. Greg Bird, the current favorite to replace Mark Teixeira, would be mentioned as well. I'm sure the Rockies would envision a Judge/Bird combo in the middle of their order. The Yankees might also look to give Rockies one of their catchers since they have a surplus of them. Gary Sanchez might be the one to go.

Combine the huge haul that it would take to land Tulowitzki, plus the entire contract, since I don't think the Rockies would be looking to pick up much salary, I would still say trading for Tulowitzki could be worth it. Even with the injury concerns, you are getting the best shortstop in the game. Perhaps the Rockies would take lesser prospects if the Yankees took on more money, but will even that be enough? I am sure the Yankees will check in, but I highly doubt any kind of deal will be reached.

What do you think it would take to land Tulowitzki? Would you want the Yankees to trade for him or should they stay far away? Will Tulo replace the Captain?