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Yankees rumors: Re-signing David Robertson is a top priority

Brian Cashman considers re-signing D-Rob a top priority, will let Chase Headley and Brandon McCarthy walk if the price is too high.

Rich Schultz

According to Bill Madden of the NY Daily News, Brian Cashman's top offseason priority is re-signing David Robertson. This really comes as no surprise, especially after a 2014 season where the Yankees were pretty much only able to stay competitive thanks to outstanding performances by the pitching staff. The playoffs further solidified the idea that a team can only go so far with a mediocre bullpen (Tigers, I'm looking at you). Robertson thrived in his first year as the team's official closer, and he will obviously land a hefty contract wherever he ends up. It's nice to hear that Cashman considers re-signing D-Rob a priority, but it seems like they should have started contract negotiations before the season ended or even worked out a contract extension last year. Although he wasn't a "proven closer" yet then, he had always been an elite pitcher, and it stood to reason that he would remain one.

Meanwhile, the Yankees are interested in bringing back Chase Headley and Brandon McCarthy, but they've also decided that they'll just move on if they get "above-market, four year offers elsewhere."  Both Headley and McCarthy played significantly better after their mid-season trades to the Yankees, and though they are not the best free agent options on the market, they may be the best options for the team. If the Yankees don't pursue the group of Jon Lester, Max Scherzer, and James Shields, then McCarthy stands to be best of the cheaper alternatives. The same goes for Headley if the Yankees don't pursue Pablo Sandoval.

Of course the Yankees shouldn't just top every other team's offers to Robertson, Headley, and McCarthy in order to retain them, but things start to get a little worrisome if none of them return. Dellin Betances had a stellar rookie season, and could be entirely capable of taking over the role of closer, but Shawn Kelley and Adam Warren had quite a few rough patches last season. Who knows when Jacob Lindgren could end up joining the team. The one-two punch of Betances and Robertson worked well last season and seems like the best way to lock down the 8th and 9th innings moving forward. As for third base, Martin Prado can play it, but he looks to be the starting second baseman at this point. If they can't re-sign Headley, then we might see Alex Rodriguez playing more games there than he should be. Then there's the rotation, which has a ton of question marks. CC Sabathia and Masahiro Tanaka will be returning from the DL, Hiroki Kuroda may not re-sign, and Ivan Nova will not be ready to join the team until at least May. If they aren't going to bolster the rotation with McCarthy, then they will almost have to sign a lower quality pitcher.

What is the maximum amount of money/years that you would be willing to offer on contracts for D-Rob, Headley and McCarthy?