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Yankees hot stove: Vernon Wells wants to stay with the Yankees

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees have signed Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran to fill out an already stacked outfield. Those two will join Brett Gardner, Alfonso Soriano, and, at least for now, Ichiro Suzuki and Vernon Wells. While Ichiro is still owed $6.5 million and has use as a fielder and pinch runner, Wells is the more likely out of the two to be cut.

That doesn't mean that Wells will go quietly. He spoke on MLB Network Radio about his 2013 season and his future in the game, saying "hopefully I'll get one more year...I had so much fun. My family had fun. It's a truly unique experience."

He isn't delusional about his chances, but he also isn't worried about what happens.

"There's possibly one spot up for grabs in the outfield," Wells said, "depending on if there are any moves made between here or there. But I've learned not to concern myself with things I have no control over. All I can control is getting ready for spring training and going in, and being ready to help the team in whatever way I can. Whatever role that I end up playing, whether it's there or somewhere else, I have to be ready and ready to produce."

The Yankees are only paying $2.4 million for Wells in 2014, so they can easily cut ties with him. The only reason they have kept him around this long is because he bats right-handed and they need people who can (potentially) hit lefties. They also just really like old people too.