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Yankees Hot Stove: Assessing trade suggestions from Twitter

Our Twitter followers came up with some trade ideas for the Yankees

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday I asked our Twitter followers to suggest some trade ideas for the Yankees and I got a few responses. I said I would put them on Pinstripe Alley and I meant it, so here they are, and here I go tearing them apart. Maybe. I'll include them below and we can discuss together.

Our first trade suggestion comes from Ryan:

You're essentially trading a bad player, who used to be great, for a bad player who has always been kind of bad. Given both teams' needs, a swap with the Royals could make sense, if and only if, the Yankees eat a tremendous amount of money. The Yankees need infielders and Emilio Bonifacio can play everywhere on the baseball diamond, except first base and catcher, though he can probably be convinced. He doesn't play any of those positions well, but the Yankees seem to be valuing versatility over talent this offseason.

The Royals don't actually need Ichiro Suzuki, no one does, they already have an elite-level fifth outfielder. Right now Kansas City's outfield consists of Alex Gordon, Lorenzo Cain, Norichika Aoki, with Justin Maxwell and Jarrod Dyson off the bench. Both, though flawed, are likely better options than Ichiro, but maybe GMDM has a bizarre infatuation with an old Ichiro. Like that time he fell in love with Jeff Francoeur. That can happen, right?

Unfortunately, I don't think this goes down. A trade for Bonifacio might not be so bad, because I think the Royals want to get rid of him, but Ichiro is not the guy to get it done. Probably an uninteresting prospect would be better.

Our own writer, Matt Provenzano, threw his hat into the ring to come up with his own Ichiro trade scenario:

He thinks that the Yankees should acquire Logan Forsythe if they agree to pay for Ichiro's contract. Again, the Yankees need infielders, and any trade that gets rid of Ichiro is a good one, but Forsythe is not that good. Too bad the Padres have really no space for him either, as they have Cameron Maybin, Carlos Quentin, Chris Denorfia, Will Venable, Seth Smith, and Alexi Amarista. That's already too many. In a bubble, that might work, but just putting Ichiro in a bubble would work better.

Our next proposal comes from Daniel Coviello:

This sounds like it could be a pretty good trade for the Yankees, contingent on the idea of them actually extending him. As in, the Yankees, actually sign a player, who is already under contract, mind you, to more money and more years. Because we all know that will happen. The Yankees would be trading one year of Gardner, a prospect who can't really stay healthy in Heathcott, and a decent fifth starter. If Homer Bailey was theirs for more than just 2014, this could be categorized: Steal.

Too bad the Reds would say no. They might need a center fielder, but they're probably better off with Bailey than without him, and Phelps would just be a lesser replacement, while Heathcott isn't really guaranteed to be anything at all. There's not much the Yankees can do from here without substantially upgrading the package to make it an overpay.

Our last trade comes from Brandon:

Sadly, the Mariners don't seem to really need Brett Gardner, though it would be a decent trade if they extended him. Giving up one year of Gardner, straight up, might make more sense to acquire Dustin Ackley, since Franklin is considered the better player at this point. Seattle has an outfield of Franklin Gutierrez, Michael Saunders, Dustin Ackley, Corey Hart, and Logan Morrison, so replacing Ackley with Gardner would actually be an improvement for them. The Yankees could use a regular second baseman and a young player to root for, even if he ends up being incredibly disappointing in the end.

Thank you to all our fine contributors! What do you think, PSA People?