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Yankees Rumors: New York interested in Padres' Logan Forsythe

The Yankees are exploring the trade market to try to improve their infield.

Christian Petersen

According to Jon Morosi, the Yankees have "made trade inquiry to Padres about infield depth," and says that infielder Logan Forsythe could be an option for New York. Morosi goes on to note that Forsythe is a more realistic target than Chase Headley since the Yankees don't have much to offer from their farm system, but we knew that already.

Forsythe, who turns 27 years old today, hit just .214/.281/.332 with a 73 wRC+ in 243 plate appearances with the Friars in 2013. In his three-year career, Forsythe is a .241/.310/.349 hitter with an 87 wRC+ in 762 PA's. A right-handed batter, Forsythe has fared much better against left-handed pitching, as he has posted a career 124 wRC+ against them (though just an 81 wRC+ last year), whereas he has only a career 69 wRC+ against right-handers.

Along with hitting lefties pretty well, Forsythe also brings some versatility to the table. Last season, he played 32 games at second base, 13 games at both corner outfield spots, 11 games at third, and 11 at short. In terms of the advanced defensive metrics, Forsythe is rated below-average at every position, except third base, where DRS and UZR/150 rate him as +4 and +31.5, respectively, albeit with just 268.1 career innings under his belt.

In terms of injury, Forsythe has had problems with his feet in the past. He missed the first 63 games of the 2013 season while dealing with Plantar fasciitis in his right foot, which could have played a role in his sub-par 2013. In 2012, Forsythe also missed 54 games after undergoing surgery on a broken bone in his left foot.

He would be a decent fit for the Yankees, and there are certainly some similarities between him and current free agent Jeff Baker, who would also be a good fit for New York. The Yankees are reportedly, for whatever reason, unwilling to offer guaranteed Major League contracts to any free agent infielder, and Forsythe would, kind of, fit under their plans. Forsythe is pre-arbitration eligible for the final time in 2013, and I assume he'd have a minor-league option as well. If the Yankees do stick with their plan of signing/trading cheap, scrap-heap-type infielders, guys like Forsythe will definitely be on New York's radar as we head towards Spring Training.