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Mets sign Curtis Granderson

Rich Schultz

The New York Mets have signed Curtis Granderson to a four-year, $60 million contract on the heels of Robinson Cano leaving for the Mariners. While it never looked like the Yankees were going to bring him back, they will now go into 2014 without two of their best power hitters. The Yankees seemed to be fed up with Granderson's growing strikeout rates and have decided to opt out of his age-33 to age-36 seasons

Granderson will make $15 million a year while Jacoby Ellsbury will make almost $22 million per year over seven seasons. With Cano now gone, the Yankees are likely to pursue Carlos Beltran or Shin-Soo Choo to joing Brett Gardner and Ellsbury in the outfield. This will likely mean that Alfonso Soriano will get move to the bench and one or both of Ichiro Suzuki and Vernon Wells will be gone.

This is a good signing for the Mets to show that they are serious about bringing in talent, though I'm not entirely sure what it gets Granderson (besides $60 million of course).

The Yankees will get a supplemental first round pick for losing Granderson.