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Carlos Beltran rumors: Mystery team has offered three-year deal worth $48 million


The Yankees have reportedly been reluctant to offer free agent outfielder Carlos Beltran more than a two-year deal despite the fact that he was said to be seeking a deal for three years. According to Buster Olney of ESPN, an unnamed team has offered Beltran just that.

According to Olney, the deal Beltran has in hand is for three years and $48 million. A $16 million per year price tag for a player approaching 40 years old seems like a lot, and the fact that he didn't immediately accept it is a testament to how crazy the deals could get this offseason. Beltran is said to be meeting with the Kansas City Royals today, possibly indicating that they are the team who has offered him this deal. Olney speculates that it could also be the Mariners, who have been aggressive to this point.

If that is the price tag it takes for Beltran, the Yankees may decide that they are better off looking elsewhere for an outfielder. Unfortunately, knowing the Yankees, they may very well just concede the third year to Beltran and sign him for some amount more than $48 million anyway. They need at least one outfielder this winter and the other big names on the market will each command more dollars and more years to be obtained.

Prices soaring for free agent talent is going to make Plan 189 that much more difficult to do for the Yankees if they hope to field a competitive team in 2014. Beltran might not be the one that they decide is worth breaking their commitment to the luxury tax limitiations for, but it's likely that they'll have to concede that point before long if they hope to really bolster their roster for next season.

Would you give Beltran a deal that exceeds three years and $48 million, or is it time to look elsewhere for the Yankees?