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Yankees Rumors: New York holds firm against Robinson Cano

Scott Halleran

It had recently come to light that Robinson Cano wasn't asking for $310 million over 10 years, just $252 million over nine with a $28 million vesting option for a tenth. Sure, that's more reasonable, but the Yankees are reportedly having nothing to do with a contract like that.

The Yankees are comfortable with their $160 million contract over seven years, with no desire to give out anything $200 million and up or going up to an eighth year. Cano's suggested deal would give him an AAV of $28 million a year, while the Yankees seem to be more comfortable around $22-$23 million.

They will clearly have to go up from there because there is no way Cano, the best player on the market, will accept that, whether he deserves it or not. They could obviously go up somewhat from there, still leaving them the ability to max out at eight years and $200 million, which is likely where these negotiations are headed.

This could all just be posturing and strategy, but leaving their offer so low could potentially leave others to get into the mix. Even though the Tigers, Rangers, and Dodgers don't look like obvious fits, teams could make room on their payroll for an All-Star caliber player. Then again, no one really seems to be offering him much of anything, so why should they up their offer and compete with themselves? The Yankees have all the power right now and they know it. Let's see how that changes after the winter meetings.