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Yankees Hot Stove: Running out of time?

The Yankees have been fairly inactive since their giant spending spree, are they done?

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Is it just me, or does it seem like the Yankees are running out of time to sign people? You might think it's early into the offseason, but this offseason has moved quickly. The Yankees still need someone to play third base, someone to play second base, I suppose someone who can play first base a few times a year, at least one starting pitcher, and that doesn't even include the bullpen.

Now the Dodgers have re-signed Juan Uribe and the Yankees are just one more option away from having to sign Michael Young. It's becoming very probable that they will ultimately sign Mark Reynolds, but will he really be any good? After the first month of the season he was terrible this year and then he was decent for the Yankees. If Alex Rodriguez is suspended, he will then be the starting third baseman. They didn't retain David Adams, so if Reynolds gets hurt, their depth is... Eduardo Nunez.

Second base is a problem the Yankees have to figure out, and it doesn't look like they are interested in any of the solutions. They passed on Omar Infante, refusing to offer him four years, and have shown no interest in Mark Ellis, the best second baseman currently on the market. It's extremely possible that Kelly Johnson ends up as the Opening Day starter, though he could end up being at least decent.

The Yankees said that they would only sign a closer if Robinson Cano signed elsewhere. Well, he has, but are they still sticking to that plan? Joaquin Benoit and Grant Balfour could represent the best options on the market, but the Orioles seem to be the favorites to land Balfour and Benoit has received at least $7 million per year offers from the Padres and Indians. Both are currently waiting out for a third year, which would represent a very expensive piece for a questionable upgrade.

With no desire (ability?) to start signing the remaining free agents on the market, Brian Cashman has said he wants to make a trade. Unfortunately, they really don't have any assets, and the one they do have, Brett Gardner, doesn't seem likely to be moved. The Yankees discussed trading Gardner for Homer Bailey, but it looks like he's no longer available. They could bid on Masahiro Tanaka, however there's still no indication as to when, or if, he will be posted. The new posting system makes it even more questionable as to whether or not the Yankees can even win the bidding.

Are the Yankees letting opportunity slip from their fingers, or are they patiently waiting the market, hoping to strike on a good deal, or, and this is scary, are they now suddenly out of money? I guess we'll find out.