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Yankees rumors: Omar Infante turns down three-year offer, seeking four year/$40MM

Infante apparently wants a deal for four years and $40 million. Will the Yankees give it to him?


According to Jon Heyman, the Yankees offered second baseman Omar Infante a three-year deal.

The Yankees offered him a three-year, $24 million contract, which is $8 million per year. Infante did not accept the Yankees' offer, as he is looking for a four-year deal for $40 million. The Kansas City Royals are also among other baseball clubs looking to sign Infante. There's no telling what Dayton Moore might do, so the Yankees organization might very well give Infante the fourth year he's looking for, much like they did with Carlos Beltran and the third year he got.

The Yankees just recently turned down a trade from the Cincinnati Reds that would have sent Brett Gardner to the Great American Ballpark in exchange for four years of Brandon Phillips. With the recent loss of Robinson Cano, the Yankees are in need of a second baseman, unless their plan is to have Kelly Johnson play there every day.

What do you think, Yankee fans? Should the Yankees stand firm with three years or give Infante the deal he's looking for?