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Yankees Rumors: Henry Rodriguez, Johan Santana


Baseball agent Peter Greenberg met with Brian Cashman and the two discussed which clients of his the Yankees were interested in. Out of the list Cashman was given, he mentioned that he was interested in Johan Santana and Henry Rodriguez.

The Yankees are covering all bases when considering Santana, as nothing has escalated beyond a basic level of interest. If discussions become more serious, they would likely want him on a one-year incentive-laden minor league deal. Cashman states he hasn't even reviewed the lefty's medical records, which I'm sure will excite him, so absolutely nothing could happen from all this.

Cashman's interest in Rodriguez is a little perplexing. He might be just 26 years old, but the right-hander has a 4.24 ERA and 4.02 FIP over five seasons. While he does have a 9.1 K/9, he only managed a rate of 4.9 in 2013, and he has never had a walk rate under four. Unless it's a minor league deal, the Yankees shouldn't even bother. Middling righties are not where you want to go bargain hunting for a major league option, they should instead focus on trying to add lefties and backend relievers.