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MLB Rumors: Brian McCann could reach over $100 million

Should the Yankees invest that much in their future backstop?

Kevin C. Cox

Jon Heyman believes that Brian McCann could receive a deal reaching $100 million this offseason. Regardless of whether or not you believe he is worth that kind of money, the weak market could lead to a bidding war. The Yankees, Rangers, Angels, and Red Sox are all rumored to be interested in the 30-year-old catcher, so a multitude of big market teams could end in one very massive deal.

It was originally believed McCann would easily reach a five-year, $80 million deal, but now that he could get more and with his link to a draft pick, he might be too expensive for the Yankees. After a full season of Chris Stewart and Austin Romine, improvements need to be made, but the Yankees also have J.R. Murphy, Francisco Cervelli, and could sign A.J. Pierzynski or Jarrod Saltalamacchia for much less money so they can conserve resources to make other signings.

An $80 million contract over five years would bring an AAV of $16 million. McCann has not been worth $16 million since 2011 and injuries have plagued him as recently as this past offseason, when he underwent shoulder surgery. If he were to receive a $100 million deal, more years would give him a lower AAV, but it would also give you an older catcher toward the end of the deal. As enticing as Brian McCann might be to the Yankees, it might be best to walk away in order to save money for other investments and prevent future teams from being bogged down by an aging, -13 DRS catcher.

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