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Phil Hughes Free Agency: Twins interested over multiple years

Ronald Martinez

This offseason the free agent market is favoring starting pitching. Jason Vargas has already signed a four-year, $32 million contract with the Royals and the Twins just locked up Ricky Nolasco for $49 million over four years. Now Phil Hughes could be looking for a two-year deal.

Instead of trying for a one-year deal to prove that he can bounce back from his disastrous 2013 season, like Dan Haren did, Hughes wants a multi-year deal to ensure he doesn't have a poor walk year two seasons in a row. One scout believes that "two years at $15 million isn't out of the question considering the shortage of starters."

As much "potential" as he might look to have, two guaranteed years is more than he might deserve. Teams' reasoning for such a deal might be a little off-base too, as another talent evaluator uses the astounding logic that "he is 27 and has never had shoulder or elbow surgery. If I was him, I wouldn't want a one-year deal. Two years ago, he won 16 games." Apparently this man missed all the injuries he has accumulated over the years, no surgery, but he's still struggled through shoulder fatigue and dealt with a reoccurring bulging disc problem in his back. He really has never had a healthy season, other than 2009, so just because he hasn't has surgery doesn't mean he's a worthy investment.

The Mets were said to be interested in him, but a two-year contract is likely to scare them off. One source says the Twins are likely to turn their attention to Hughes, now that they've signed Nolasco. They are said to like his "contract control and might come up with a creative multi-year deal for Hughes." The Royals might not have enough money for Hughes after signing Vargas to a big deal. The Angels and Mariners have showed interest this offseason as well, and the Braves had previously shown interest at the trade deadline, but there's not evidence whether they are interested in signing him as a free agent.