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Yankees and Robinson Cano still far apart in contract negotiations

Scott Halleran

The Yankees met with Robinson Cano to hopefully negotiate a new contract. Previous talks have been stalled by Cano's demand for a 10-year, $300 million contract, while the Yankees have countered with a seven year, $161 million deal. The two sides will probably eventually agree to something in the middle, say an 8-year, $200 million contract, but it won't happen just yet.

The two sides are said to be still too far apart to make much progress. Cano's side may have come down somewhat, but nothing substantial. They will meet again tomorrow to hopefully get closer to an eventual deal.

The Yankees have already said that they won't be waiting around for anyone, not even Cano, and they proved that by signing Brian McCann. With Cano talks at an impasse, the Yankees have turned their attention to Carlos Beltran, who they offered two years and $28 million to. The right fielder is still holding out for a third year, and while the team doesn't look like they will be giving in, they could use him against Cano as a way to get him to agree to lowering his asking price.

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