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Yankees Rumors: Stephen Drew not an interest

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

It was previously reported by Jon Heyman that the Yankees were in some form of discussion with free agents Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, Shin-Soo Choo, Stephen Drew, and others. Now Buster Olney is reporting that, though they have made offers to several free agents, Drew is actually not one of them.

This report contradicts Heyman's article and could either signify that the Yankees are set at shortstop with Derek Jeter and Brendan Ryan, or they simply believe Drew costs too much for what they would be getting. The Yankees were more interested in Jhonny Peralta, but with him now off the boards, Drew is now considered the top shortstop on the market.

It isn't known how serious the offers made to players have been. They could be simply testing the market or going in with a hard offer that has yet to be reported. Their offer on Peralta was thought to be competitive, but the shortstop said he preferred the Cardinals in the end. It's odd to see that they wouldn't offer Drew a contract now that he won't cost them their first round draft pick.

It is believed that New York wanted him to play third base for them, but he ended up signing with the Red Sox for less in order to stay at his natural position. Perhaps this has led them to feel that he is not a fit for New York and will instead focus on some kind of minor league depth and once again hope that Jeter will be fine.

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