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Yankees in serious talks with Brian McCann

Scott Cunningham

It has been reported that the Yankees are in serious discussion with Brian McCann. It was originally believed that they were on the verge of agreeing to a longterm contract, but it appears that a deal is still not close. He is likely to be looking for an $80 million contract, but many believe it could reach $100 million if there's a bidding war.

Brian McCann is obviously the best catcher on the market and the Yankees are interested in finding an offensive upgrade behind the plate. Signing McCann would improve the team in 2014, but it would also cost a draft pick and will lead to a logjam at the catching position within the organization. A deal would bring about the end of Chris Stewart, but they could also trade anyone from Francisco Cervelli, Austin Romine, and J.R. Murphy to even Gary Sanchez, their best prospect.


That's an AAV of $16 million through 2018.


Evan Grant ‏@Evan_P_Grant 1m
Am told McCann deal with Yankees will be worth close to $90 million, if not more

That would be an AAV of $18 million. Not as great of a deal.

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