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Robinson Cano Free Agency: Ian Kinsler-Prince Fielder trade changes the market

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Right now the Yankees are in a holding pattern with Robinson Cano as they wait for his price to come down and he waits for them to open their purse a little wider. In the meantime, it seems like no one else has shown much interest in the All-Star second baseman. There was the Mets, and then nothing so far.

The Dodgers already signed Alexander Guerrero to play second base for them and have been saying for months they aren't interested. The Red Sox have Dustin Pedroia, the Reds are stuck with Brandon Phillips, and the Rangers had a plethora of middle infielders. The Tigers were really the only team that made sense. Omar Infante is a free agent and they have plenty of money to spend. Now the Rangers and Tigers have made what will be one of the biggest trades of the offseason; Ian Kinsler for Prince Fielder.

The Rangers have their first baseman and will be able to slot Jurickson Profar into second base. The Tigers will have their second baseman for the next two years, will be able to move Miguel Cabrera back to first base, and will need to sign a third baseman.

What the deal did was swap potential suitors for Cano from the Tigers to the Rangers. It's long since been reported that the Rays could trade away David Price in order to get talent back before he hits free agency. The Rangers are also looking for free agent pitching, and Price, who still won't be a free agent until 2016, would be a perfect target for them. If the long fantasized trade of Price for Profar is remotely realistic, a hole could easily open up at second base for the Rangers to make a run at Cano.

The Braves could use a new second baseman to replace Dan Uggla, but do they have the payroll space? The Cubs might have the money to make a run at Cano, but it doesn't seem like they're going to be ready to act this offseason. The Yankees have been in a bidding war with Texas before and it didn't end well for the Yankees. Unless a mystery team makes a play, it seems like this could be a two-team market, at least that's how it seems right now.

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