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Phil Hughes Free Agency: Mets have interest

Just let it happen, Yankees

Mike Stobe

For those afraid that Phil Hughes will be back in New York for the 2014 season, you might actually be right. Thankfully, it's the Mets that are interested in the right-handed starter. The Mets say they have money to spend, but the 28-year-old would work easily into their budget while they pursue someone more costly.

The Yankees seem to have no interest in bringing him back, even though he'll be the youngest free agent pitcher on the market. Honestly, everything will have to go wrong for the Yankees to want him back, and I think that's all for the best. Though, it's always possible they could regain interest if Hiroki Kuroda decides to retire and they can't sign Masahiro Tanaka.

While he could probably be signed by the Yankees for cheap, I think everyone has seen enough of the once-promising prospect that was Phil Hughes. It's time to let him go and make him someone else's problem because the Yankees can easily find better. He needs to be in a big ballpark in the National League so he can reduce his home run totals. AT&T Park with the Giants and Petco Park with the Padres looked like good destinations, but Citi Field, even with the fences moved in, could be great for him.

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