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Brian McCann Free Agency: Expected to start visiting teams

Kevin C. Cox

Free agent catcher Brian McCann is expected to start visiting teams over the next two weeks. The Yankees, Rangers, and Red Sox are expected to be just three of the handful of teams that will likely play host to him. This is the time where teams bring him in for a tour of their stadium and facilities, show him the town and basically wine and dine him. The Yankees are rumored to be very interested in his services and are likely to bid competitively for him.

McCann is likely to get a contract for around $80 million, though some believe it could push to $100 million seeing as how he is the top catcher on the market in an offseason scarce of talent, especially behind the plate. A bidding war could ultimately decide his fate, but whatever the final cost is, you still have to add the loss of a draft pick.

Now that Carlos Ruiz has re-signed with the Phillies, the teams that miss out on McCann will have a chance at Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Dioner Navarro, and A.J. Pierzynki as consolation prizes. After saying no to Russell Martin at two years and $17 million last offseason, it seems the Yankees are ultimately going to pay the price this year if they indeed plan to sign a catcher and upgrade offensively.

To save money, they could go internal between Francisco Cervelli, Austin Romine, and J.R. Murphy (with Chris Stewart expected to be non-tendered). If they're looking to add a veteran backstop to pair with one of them, they could look at John Buck, or Kelly Shoppach.

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