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MLB trade rumors: Cubs offer Yankees Gleyber Torres for Aroldis Chapman

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Almost 24 hours after it seemed like a deal for Aroldis Chapman may be imminent, the Yankees may finally be getting ready to deal the left-handed closer. The Chicago Cubs have reportedly offered the Yankees shortstop Gleyber Torres, who was already scratched from his game tonight, in return for Chapman.

Keith Law ranked Torres the 15th best prospect in baseball this year, praising his plus hands and plus arm on the defensive side. He compared Torres' offensive approach to that of Derek Jeter with two strikes, and said that it's possible Torres could land inside the top five by next season.

Multiple teams, including the Nationals and Indians, have expressed interest in Chapman. It seems like everything is in a holding pattern until this deal is either finalized or falls through. Rumor has it that the two sides are trying to work out contract extension as part of the trade, but that isn't yet confirmed. That could be what is holding up the deal at this point.

Considering what the Yankees gave up for Chapman and the fact that they have two superior closers already on the team, getting Torres back in return would be an absolute steal. It's exactly the kind of return that makes selling make so much sense for the team at this point in the season. The return on their investment will be extraordinary if this deal is finalized.

The Yankees may still be hesitant to embark on a total fire sale, but Chapman is an expendable piece of the team. Selling him off to a contending team in desperate need of bullpen help that is willing to part with a top prospect is exactly the kind of situation the Yankees should be able to benefit from at the trade deadline.