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Should the Yankees make a deal with the Padres to acquire Wil Myers?

If the Padres are willing to trade Wil Myers, should the Yankees be interested?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We've been debating whether or not the Yankees should sell for weeks now, and we'll probably continue to argue right up until the trade deadline. It doesn't look like they have much of a chance at this point, so it makes sense to sell, however, they don't really have much to move unless they really tear down the team. What if they were able to do both?

The San Diego Padres have made it known that they are willing to trade Wil Myers as they look to improve for next year. As a .284/.328/.515 hitter with 15 home runs this year, he'd represent a major offensive upgrade at first base over Rob Refsnyder and Ike Davis right now. Mark Teixeira could eventually return, but there's no promise that he will be healthy or effective for the rest of the year, and Myers would be an effective safety net. He'll be arbitration eligible for the first time in 2017, which is likely why the Padres are looking to get rid of him, but the Yankees don't have to worry about his cost.

At 25 years old, Myers represents just the type of upgrade the Yankees should be looking to make for this year and next. The Rays acquired him back when he was a heralded prospect with the Royals, but after a promising first season, he struggled in 2014 and Tampa gave up on him, trying to get some value back before he bottomed out. Since the trade, Myers has been on the upswing and looks set to be a regular contributor going forward. He might not be the perennial All-Star he was expected to be, but he's a definite upgrade over what New York has now.

You might think he has no place on the team going forward, but with Teixeira set for free agency at the end of the year and Greg Bird out with shoulder surgery, the Yankees will need a first baseman. Dustin Ackley's torn shoulder labrum could end his time with the Yankees, so until Bird is ready to return, Myers could serve as the team's primary first baseman. Once Bird proves to be healthy, Myers can spend time in the outfield, at DH, and first base as a much-need right-handed bat in a lineup chock full of lefties who struggle against southpaws.

Much of Myers' value has been lost due to poor defense, but his bat represents enough of an upgrade to make him worth the effort. After 2017, Alex Rodriguez will be gone and the designated hitter will be freed up for Myers, but he'll still provide enough flexibility that he won't be a liability to the roster, like A-Rod has been at times.

Of course, it's difficult to determine how much he will cost, and whether that cost will be worth what he brings back. He's lost a lot of value over the years and isn't great in the field, but his bat is effective and he still has some upside. We might want the Yankees to trade Aroldis Chapman and Carlos Beltran for prospect that can help improve the farm system, but giving something to get a promising player for the next three years shouldn't be neglected either. The Yankees are in a position to improve for next year, but they also shouldn't rule out being buyers for the right reasons. Wil Myers could be one of those reasons.