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Justin Upton or Yoenis Cespedes would make sense for the Yankees on a short-term deal

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It is true that the Yankees' outfield looks set with Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Carlos Beltran all set to start the 2016 season as starters, but a new option might present itself as the market shakes out approaching spring training. New York has dangled Gardner around in trade talks all offseason, hoping to land a starting pitcher if they include him in a deal. That would, of course, leave a hole in the outfield that would need to be filled by the likes of Aaron Hicks until Aaron Judge is ready to start in the big leagues. The offseason motto for the Yankees has been not to spend money, but two players worth a decent chunk of change may be more obtainable than originally thought.

Brief mentions of Justin Upton and Yoenis Cespedes possibly considering short-term deals have begun to circulate on the internet. For Upton particularly, the market doesn't seem to be playing out the way he likely wanted it to. That could cause him to pull a Nelson Cruz move and accept a one-year deal in order to potentially boost his value in a more underwhelming free agent class next offseason. The Orioles and Rangers have both expressed interest, but the Yankees should also be in on him if a one-year deal is all it takes. There's virtually nothing to lose.

All of the contracts that keep the Yankees' payroll very high are still on the books for this year, so adding a one-year boost from Upton or Cespedes wouldn't really do any damage. Either one would come off the books next offseason with Mark Teixeira and Beltran, freeing up payroll to pursue another free agent or work toward resetting the luxury tax penalty. The Yankees would also receive a draft pick for offering either one a qualifying offer at the end of 2016, which could help them boost their improving farm system with a decently high draft pick.

It seems like a no-brainer to pursue two talented players that may want to just hang around for a year to improve their stock. Many players of their caliber can never be had for such a short commitment in a time when players value years of security over nearly anything else. Upton or Cespedes could provide the team with a much-needed right-handed bat in their lineup to break up the multitude of left-handers currently on the team. That would allow them to trade Gardner, potentially for a starter, while making their lineup more balanced. There is virtually no argument against doing this, if a one-year deal is truly what these players end up settling for. That is, of course, not guaranteed by any stretch. Any team could splurge on a long-term deal for either of them without any surprise. The fact that a short-term deal is being discussed should mean the Yankees are interested, though.

Would you like the Yankees to add Upton or Cespedes on a one-year deal? Do you think they will settle for such a short-term deal in order to look for better next offseason, or will a team give them a long-term deal before spring training anyway?