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Yankees Rumors and Gossip 9/7/15: Re-signing Drew for 2016

In this edition of the rumor roundup, propel your mind forth to 2016 as the Yankees mull over their options for second base and reveal how they might use Luis Severino.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images
  • The current word is the Yankees could re-sign Stephen Drew this offseason if they don’t land Ben Zobrist. Drew might have been a candidate for a minor league deal earlier in the year, but since August he’s trotted along to the tune of an 117 wRC+ (.326 OBP/.476 SLG). He was, shall we say, not especially good for most of the season, so the turnaround might come as a bit of a surprise. To hear Drew tell it, reviewing video of his time with the Diamondbacks has helped him find form. Said Drew of his revitalized self: "It feels good." But would the Yankees go for Drew over prospect Rob Refsnyder for 2016? As Greg wrote a few days ago, the bloom seems to be off the Refsnyder rose; since the All-Star Break Refsnyder has hit just .222/.292/.363 in Triple-A. With Drew being an established (and by all accounts well-liked) presence in the clubhouse, and being an affordable option, there’s a good chance the team will go for him and shop Refsnyder in a trade.
  • With all the Matt Harvey business going down, Joe Girardi was asked about innings limits with regards to Luis Severino. As the team has previously stated, they purposely limited Severino’s innings earlier in the year (while he was still in the Minors) so as not to put mileage on his arm. But more interesting was Girardi’s response when asked about a possible innings limit for Severino next year: "I would sit him out the month of April so you don’t have this tough situation in September and October." Girardi also voiced his support for innings limits. "You just have to be more creative in your managing," he said. Which, of course, makes perfect sense, and is the approach teams should take rather than front-loading innings from good pitchers – skipping starts earlier in the year to ensure they have games later on seems the very definition of commonsensical.
  • Reporters asked CC Sabathia for his thoughts on the Harvey issue. And his thoughts were, in a word, direct: "I don't care about what's going on with Matt Harvey."
  • Do the Yankees scoreboard watch Toronto? Not according to Alex RodriguezFrom Jamal Collier, said Rodriguez: "No, we don’t even have to look. We know what’s going to happen up there." What’s going to happen? A drubbing, as the British would say.
  • While Larry Rothschild is pointing towards fatigue from Tommy John surgery as a possible explanation for Ivan Nova’s spotty performance this year, Nova rejects this proposal. Instead, Nova says he’s his usual self – just that, quote, "not every time you're going to have your 'A' game." This follows cold on the heels of his 2012 pronouncement that he is the best pitcher in the world.
  • Masahiro Tanaka and his wife have announced they’re expecting a child. Baby Tanaka! "We will be diligent as this treasured life develops day by day, preparing for the birth with mind and body," the couple said. Tanaka’s wife, Mai Satoda, is a singer and model, and is five years Tanaka’s senior. She is, evidently, charming. Blogged Satoda prior to her wedding day: "I am avoiding overeating! I am preventing acne!"
  • Steve Serby unleashed another Yankees Q&A, this one with Greg Bird, who is a Yankee. This was actually a decidedly sober go of it compared to past Serby gems but, as you’d expect, the interview could not escape the usual athelete clichés and first date-type questions. What drives Greg Bird? "To go out and win games." What about Alex Rodriguez? "He’s a first-class teammate, and a winner." Yes; in support of Gregory, we can confirm Alex Rodriguez has been on a team that has won at least one game. The second game Rodriguez ever appeared in was, in fact, a game his team won, so I suppose that two games into his career Rodriguez was, by definition, already a winner. Incidentally, some players win the first game in which they appear, but not Alex Rodriguez. Make of that what you will. Elsewhere in the interview, Bird confirms there is indeed a Yankee way, and states he is not recognized when he rides the subway. Favorite actor? "Jim Carrey."